National Junior Track Series Melbourne, 2015

‘Like seagulls gathering sparse crumbs at a lavish picnic’…that is the only way I can describe the search for points in the Junior Women’s 17 category, at the latest round of the National Junior Track Series, held in Melbourne this past weekend.

With a strong contingent of Under 19 girls, particularly from Queensland and South Australia, the Under 19 girls were sure to haul in the bulk of the points in the J17-19 racing.

Lady Luck was involved in the first element of the game. With mostly only one rider progressing through to the final, my J17 was crossing both fingers (and toes) that she did not come across a big J19 gun in her heats. But with many excellent J19 riders in the mix, many J17s, Sarah included, had to be content with multiple tough heats; making it through to the final was success in itself.

Having achieved a final’s berth, the J17 rider then had to pull out her best racing legs and her best racing strategy, all in the hope of achieving a little success in what was essentially a J19 race!

Sarah’s best racing included the ‘Win and Out’, (no points, but she had an amazing go against the best of the J19s) and Saturday’s elimination where she finished third, with J19 racers taking first, second, fourth and fifth places.

All of the J17 girls rose to the challenge..I am proud of all of them!


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