Eildon Junior Tour, 2015

It was predicted to be the coldest weather so far this winter. So, yes, it was time for another road tour! We were distracted from the cold and wet by an influx of visitors at breakfast time. (The feathered variety.) The television was pushing ads for both Queensland and NT, but no, we were not in the Top End, we were at the Eildon Junior Tour.
Each tour has its own story. And at Eildon the story lay in the time trial. Georgia (Caulfield-Carnegie) finished in first place with a time of 18.20.0. Sarah was knocking on the door, with a time of 18.20.1!

The 50k road race (2 laps of the pond) saw seven riders approach the beginning of the dam wall. By the top the group was reduced to three, Tash (NSW), Sarah and Maeve (SA). Tash took the lead with Sarah on the wheel. With a dozen meters to go, Sarah made up three quarters of a bike length, with Tash winning by just over a wheel.
Sunday was a 48k race featuring Skyline, a 9km hill, with grades of up to 11%, There was a steady attrition of riders until, at the top, two riders remained, Sarah and Georgia. These two stayed out front for the remainder of the race with Georgia taking the win in a sprint finish.

Thank you to my brother Peter and his wife Helen who loaned us their beautiful home for the weekend!



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